Lars Thomsen

Lasse Sieverts

Michael Ertmann

Rene Sand

Lars Thomsen Lars Thomsen, 33 years old

Lars is a geologist/glaciologist and works at Greenland Field Investigations (Asiaq).

Lars has been actively engaged in a wide range of outdoor activities for many years - not least skiing. He is highly proficient in the disciplines of Telemark skiing and cross-country skiing. He achieved an excellent result in 1999 in "The World’s Hardest Ski Race", Arctic Circle Race, which is a race of 160 km lasting three days along the Arctic Circle in Greenland.

His basic physical fitness has been built up over many years and he has competed in no less than 5 marathons. In 1999 he was third in the Nuuk Marathon in a time of 2 h 52 min. In addition, Lars spends a lot of time on bikes, both mountain bikes and longer rides (e.g. Lisbon - San Sebastian).

Finally, Lars’ "qualifications" for the expedition include his many years as a scout leader and numerous mountain and canoe expeditions.


Lasse Sieverts, 29 years old

Lasse works as a printer in Nuuk.

Lasse is a versatile guy who has tried his hand at many things. His interest in nature and sport has been particularly marked in Greenland, but he has also previously demonstrated that he is made of the right stuff! In 1993-94 he rode by bike from Copenhagen to India - a journey lasting 12 months.

Lasse has been bitten by Greenland’s fantastic scenery and has achieved great results within a very short period of time. During 1999 he completed both a marathon and the Arctic Circle Race. Lasse has thus proved that he is extremely robust.

As is the case for the other participants, Lasse has experience as a scout leader. His great interest in photography will ensure that the expedition returns home with photographs of high quality.


Michael Ertmann Michael Ertmann, 31 years old

Michael works as an economist in Nuuk.

Michael has always been bitten by the extreme sports bug, and in Greenland he has got into full swing with skiing. He is an active member of the local cross-country skiing club and also took part in ACR. He has always been engaged in sport, often based on long-distance running. In his youth he was one of the best orienteers in Denmark.

Michael has been on many mountain hikes. On his solo trips carrying just a tent, he has fully tested his own limits. Michael has a great deal of experience in mountain sports - including climbing and glacier hiking.

Like the other participants, Michael has been on trips and cycle tours under distant skies, including a cycle trip from Toulouse to San Sebastian which went over the highest pass in the Pyrenees.


René Sand, 31 years old

René is reading geology at the University of Copenhagen.

Not surprisingly, he began as a scout and has spent most of his life on skis. Like Lars, he is a fantastically skilful Telemark skier, but, in addition, has an enormous amount of experience in winter equipment and survival.

There are virtually no areas left in Norway or Sweden which have not been visited by René. In addition to skiing and winter trips, René also has experience of glacier hiking and climbing. He has also been on several hiking trips in Pakistan, Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Greenland.

René has always been exceptionally good at seeing the potential in existing equipment, and is thus always ready with improvements/repairs.

Good comradeship on expeditions has always been a high priority for René.


Rene Sand