Four men challenge nature on the Greenland Ice cap
In 1888 the Danish-Norwegian explorer, Fritjoff Nansen completed the first successfull crossing of Greenlands artic ice cap. Now 112 years later 4 young Danish adventures will attempt to retrace his footsteps, this time travelling in the oppisit direction.

Starting in Greenlands west coast harbour town of Nuuk, they will begin the 650 kilometer trek across the perma-frozen masses, dragging their sledges behind them. This, the milleniums first ever attempt to cross "The Cap" is the result of two years intensive training and preperation. The equipment has been maticuliously selected and subjected a rigourous series of artic tests in conditions close to those expected during the crossing. The weather on the ice cap has a cruel harshness unparalled to any other place on the planet. In minutes the wind and temperature can fall to levels that can momentarily freeze any living being. Not even the hardy polar bears attempt to survive on "The Cap".

The expedition is the result of a life long dream for each of the selected participents. Should the attempt prove sucessfull and things go as hoped, the 4 adventures will arrive in Isotoq upon the east coast in the third week of May, surely tired and weather-beaten, but estactic that they have made their mark in history as men of substance.